The First American Parody Vocaloid (to run on UTAU)

I apologize for an earlier posting of this as a new American Vocaloid. Many of those who have commented recently have pointed out some things pointing to Eleanora being a joke. Firstly, VocaTune≠VocaTone ; Vocaliod≠Vocaloid ; and Yanaha≠Yamaha
Its clear they are using typos to cover up the fact they aren’t the real company, but it still surprises me that making a Vocal Synthesis program using an American voice was thought up by a troll before even the Vocaloid companies thought of it!

Even if she was a joke, it was actually a funny idea. Sure its been done before, but this quality is amazing and I couldn’t tell the difference at first. It also shows a few people how gullible they are, and shows that a troll can synthesize vocals in English just like a Vocaloid. There are many UTAUloids that sing English, but this one is very well done and has a lot of power in her voice. People have been asking for an Vipperloid (UTAUloids that parody Vocaloid) equivalent to come from outside of Japan for years and I think they finally got what they asked for.

Eleanora, nice job. You tricked me!

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Vocaloid Producers Using Vocaloid3 Software

Besides the basic covers, it looks like Vocaloid 3 is finally being used for original songs by many popular music producers across the internet. One popular English Vocaloid User, Koda-P, has made a light hearted original song user the new Engloid, Oliver. It captures the feel of a traditional upbeat Vocaloid song and reminds us again that Oliver is the same as any other Vocaloid even if he runs on the English language.

Also, Circus-P/Doofus-P has added another song to his circus themed song collection using Gumi’s new Power Append for Vocaloid 3. His new song is callled Amai Kotoba and can be purchased here: This song has great rhythm and Gumi was used really well in this song. She sounds unbelievably realistic in this song, and it is great to see an English speaking user that can produce such an amazing song in Japanese.

If you don’t know the VY1V3 song Cyber Thunder Cider, you have yet to experience what Vocaloid 3 is really capable of. EZFG has become an overnight legend as he produced one of the most catchy, intense, and brilliantly arranged songs in today’s Vocaloid world. I could spend most of my time rambling about how amazing that song is, but I’d also like to discuss his second song とても痛い痛がりたい which translates to Hurting For A Very Hurtful Pain.

He uses the Vocaloid 2 VY1 along with the Vocaloid 3 VY1V3. EZFG’s Cyber Thunder Cider originally ran VY1 on the Vocaloid 2 software but the song became so popular Yamaha allowed him the use of VY1V3 to make the song an official Demo for the new V3 Software. In Hurting For A Very Hurtful Pain, he is likely tempting Yamaha to release a VY2V3 and use this song as another Demo. The original VY2 sung a duet with VY1 for one of the program’s Demos, so this was a smart move on EZFG’s part. But VY2V3 is absolutely unconfirmed, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

(EZFG also created the video that accompanies this song and the video that acompanies Cyber Thunder Cider)

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Ask Your Favorite Vocaloid 3 Characters

Many Tumblr blogs have recently been made to answer fan questions on behalf of popular Vocaloid, UTAUloid, and anime characters in general. This trend has (of course) caught on with Vocaloid 3 characters too. They are mostly fanmade, yet very well drawn. Yes, drawn! These blogs usually run with a picture of the character illustrating their response in a comedic fashion. The blogs even put posts on each others’ blogs an the Vocaloid 3 characters “interact” with each other. Here is an example between the Vocaloid 2 Iroha and Vocaloid 3 Oliver:

asknekomurairoha:</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><p>askvocaloidoliver:</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><p>asknekomurairoha:</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><p>askvocaloidoliver:</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><p>asknekomurairoha:</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><p>Why would you do that?</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><p>It was destinya!</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><p>  
I have too much fun drawing this sort of thing.  

This exchange was created by: and (it was adapted to fit the given space)

This looks like so much fun! Maybe I’ll ask for a tablet on my birthday and start one too.

Example Ask Vocaloid 3 Blogs:

Ask Vocaloid Oliver:

Ask Vocaloid SeeU:

Ask Aiko Lapis:

And there are many more out there! You can even make your own!!

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Nico Nico Seiga is currently hosting an art contest on behalf of who are in the process of making a synthesized weather reporter. A voice synthesiser like this is called a voiceloid as it uses samples to speak instead of sing. It is basically a text to speech program that runs smoother and uses the voice of one of their weather reporters, Ari Yamagishi.

It seems that competitions where the average user gets to participate are becoming increasingly popular for new vocal synthesis programs as the new Chinese Vocaloid’s art contest just closed, and even Aoki Lapis’s voice provider was chosen through contest.

It is rumored that she might also be formatted to run singing samples through the Vocaloid 3 company, but it has yet to be confirmed or denied by the company.

All the entries gathered so far can be found here~ this page.

As usual one of the most impressive entries will be posted here to give you an idea what you’re up against.
An entry in the Weatheroid competition

The contest ends on January 22nd SO GO ENTER NOW!

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New Vocaloid brings an Artist back from the dead?

There has been a recent announcement that voice samples of the deceased singer, Hitoshi Ueki, have been used to reacreate his voice using the Vocaloid 3 software.  Ueki-loid will not be sold to the public or even distributed outside of the company that is running him, but his company has hinted at a potential CD release using the synthetic vocals. He does sound less professional than other Vocaloids at the moment. However, many people say that this is because they used actual vocals and everyone sings a little differently for different song and the singer needs to be singing the same way for the samples to be the cleaneset. Since he died in 2007, he had no idea his voice would be used in such a way, so he’s not exactly to blame.

This user on youtube, chrisdarkblood12, has found a short demo of what the recreated voice sounds like. If you look at the video’s comments, you can see how many people are extremely annoyed by the idea that they took a deceased singer’s voice without his consent (admittedly he had no idea they would be able to do this anyway). Youtube comments are often a small projection of the overall public opinion, so its safe to assume that the debate over this continues into forums and other media forms.

“That kinda sounds super disgusting.” ~CLAMPFANBOY

2 weeks ago

@CLAMPFANBOY Its funny to see how for a once someone tries to do something new or even usefull in the future, instead of the [profanity] idol voices which are overexploited, what people do is critize without regard.” ~Shintsukii

2 weeks ago

And of course, many people hope to use this software to bring back other singers. For example:

“I’d rather have an Elvis Vocaloid” ~MewLovesChocolate

1 week ago

The debate continues, but either way this has been made and will be used within the privacy of the company that made him. What do you think about this “Zombie” Vocaloid?

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New Chinese Vocaloid

The only details official released is that the new Vocaloid will be a female voice with a female character. A user on Youtube, however, has managed to find a possible demo song for her, but the is no confirmation as to what it is.

But, what we do know is that her company is holding an art competition for her design. All entries were due by January 3rd and the design will be picked from the entries on Febuary 12th. The Vocaloid 3 product itself will be sold on June 12th.

There are some significant designs that many have become attached to. Even if she has no official name yet, one of the more popular art designs gives her the name WAY which like the design has captured the attention of the English Fandom.

The WAY design entry

Personally, I think its very well thought out and looks very professional. Many have been mistaking this for an official design, and I think that in itself will give the design the popularity to win the contest.

This next one also made it to the front page of entries.

The Connect-A design entry

This one would suit the voice more, but the design would have to be redrawn by a company artist to be ready to put on a box and sell the product. This design’s popularity is unconfirmed at the moment, but from what we do know no one has seen this before in the English Fandom.

Overall, this seems like a promising Vocaloid. She would be the first Chinese Vocaloid which would boost the program’s popularity in the Chinese Fandom and possibly even in other countries. The design concepts and possible Voice the program creates seem very promising.

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Who is your favorite V3?

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